Painting in vitreous enamel

I have been teaching myself how to paint miniatures in enamel for
the last while.

I have looked online for more but I have not found much

I use Thompson’s painting kit and their instruction are workable,
but rather sparse.

I was wondering if there are any Orchid folk who also paint
miniatures in this medium or could point me to some resources.

The link below points to the three last miniatures I have done, with
the humming bird being the latest and to say the least, I find them

I need some basic questions answered.

Anybody out there?

Hans, I used to do quite a bit of painting on enamel. I used the
regular china paints that people who paint on china dishes use, as
they are more finely ground than the Thompson Painting enamels and
go on more smoothly. They are compatible with the Thompson
enamelswhich i used as my base coat.

In order to learn how to use the China paints, I took a class in
china painting and learned a lot about the various media to use, as
well as brush strokes to get the effects I wanted. I would suggest
that you might want to get some of the books on China painting, as
they contain a wealth of I got my paints from Rynne
China Co. They have a website, and list a number of books you might
want to check out. As you re interested in painting birds, there are
some books that include birds. They are written by Bill Thompson,
and are: “China Painting with Bill Thompson”, and the “Basics of
China Painting”, by the same author. Hope this is


Hello Hans

Check web site Grains of Glass, there is many enamel artist and you
can find answers in the notebook on the site or find person who can
answer your questions.


There is a web group (maybe on Facebook, can’t remember) called
Grains of Glass - lots of enamelists and helpful instructions…

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Try the “Grains of glass” web site.

There must be someone there who can help.

Margie Foster

Hello Hans,

First let me say your miniatures are beautiful. I’ve been
experimenting with painting techniques and products for a while. I’m
not a great painter but I like the consistency paints have and the
control I can get with them. Some of the supplies I’ve used are
china paints and overglaze painting colors. The china paints come in
a huge number of colors and are available from several
manufacturers. google ‘china paints’. I’ve ordered the overglaze
powders from a company in England, Vitrum Signum. They also offer
quite a few colors. I usually mix these products with some painting
flux. I’m not sure I need to use it but it gives me a little extra
insurance that I have enamel flux in the mix so it will fire glossy.

I also use a lot of the other (non ‘painting kit’) Thompson
products. the acrylics, the liquid enamels, watercolors, etc.

Hope this helps expand your color possibilities.



I was recently directed to the Grains of Glass website for
enamel-specific content by a wonderful Ganoksin contributor. If you
haven’t tried there, drop by! I have found it to be a great place to
explore. Perhaps you may find your answers amongst its’ members.
Best, Alicia D.

Firstly, I want to thank everybody that responded to my request
about painting with enamels the other day.

Much appreciated.

I bought a new painting kit from WG Ball in the UK and I have been
playing around with it

Check out

Thanks for sharing Hans! I’ve been trying painting with enamels also,
but haven’t gotten as far as you have. Keeping the file for
reference. might want to order the kit in the future.

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Your paintings look really good - love the baobab.


Hello Hans,

You have a wonderful blog! Is there a way to “subscribe to it”? (for
example, to get an email when you create a new post)?

Best Regards,