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Painted enamel

hello - I’m new to the list and couldn’t find anything in the
archive covering my questions, but apologises if they have been
raised before. I have just started using painting enamels and need to
paint some emblem brooches - ie: solid colour & v precise. I’m
encountering 2 problems - (a) I can’t seem to get whites, yellows &
reds to fire to a gloss surface (they remain matt) and, (b) the final
coat of flux has tiny bubbles beneath the surface particularly round
the areas where the painted enamel is. The actual flux surface is
perfectly smooth so I don’t think I’m underfiring it and it does seem
to be related to the painted rather than wet-packed enamel. Someone
told me that if the painted enamel is fired correctly there should be
no need for final flux - is this true?

If anyone can recommend a good paint enamel supplier that does
mail-order to the uk, I would also be most grateful.

Many thanks, Deborah

Deborah, if you are using overglaze enamels for painting, you do not
need to use a flux, as the overglaze paints already have flux in
them. I am unable to account for the matt finish you are getting.
are you sure that the colors you are having a probllem with are
overglazes and not underglazes??? I have been using Thompson’s
overglaze enamels for painting and have never had the problem of
a matt finish. They are always glossy. Are you grinding them
well so that there are no lumps, and are you using a medium that
results in a smooth application? What brand are you now using? I
have found Thompson’s to be consistenly reliable. Hope you find a
solution to this vexing problem. --Alma

Alma, I am currently using “Sunshine” overglaze enamels (which I
believe are from Germany) and Glycerol as the painting medium as I
was advised that this gives the most solid colour finish. I’ll try
the Thompson ones - thanks for the advise. As to consistency, am I
right in thinking that it can be as thin as water colour or as thick
as oil paint, depending on the desired end effect? Deborah