Paint-on LOS

Hi, I’m hoping you can advise me - I am having trouble finding the product to buy or make that can enable me to paint LOS on one side of pieces; removing block outs like sharpie, nail polish etc is a pain, I’d rather just paint one area of pieces. I’ve seen it used but not explained, on YouTube.

I’m not sure what product you’re currently udon get but I was able to buy LOS in a small granule form from Amazon in the US. I mix it with hot water and paint it where I want it. Then I dunk it in a basic bath (same as after pickling).

Let me know if that is unclear or unhelpful :joy:

Using, not “udon get” lol

Do you specifically want the look of LOS or just something to blacken the background? If you just want to blacken the background you might look at the engraving sites where they talk about various blackening materials that are added to an engraved image to create relief. Think printer’s ink cut with Ronson’s lighter fluid, industrial sharpie, Midas Background Black and others. This is a topic that I have been researching myself and have yet to really find something that works for me. I do use LOS, remove what I want removed with a hard felt wheel and then tumble in SS shot to get a more polished look to the LOS finish. Good luck and let us know if you find something…Rob


Thanks Brennan, I’m using a pre-mixed LOS long life gel. It does blacken well after awhile if I paint it on but inevitably if I dunk it in water, the colour spreads to areas where I don’t want it. I’d been led to believe leaving the LOS on, and NOT DUNKING, would result in a flaking patina, but I’ve done this lately, and so far, no flaking. So maybe all is well.


Thanks Rob, I hadn’t used inks as they don’t penetrate the metal and so seem a bit fragile in use over time - so I haven’t found the perfect instant brush-on colour yet either. If I find it I’ll let you know! Thanks for your reply.

I’ve also been using my heat gun to warm the piece up while I apply the LOS and I think that helps quicken the reaction. Lots of theories, nothing really “known” hehe

Inks need a stippled or similar background to stay put…Rob