Padparadscha Sapphire Blues

Hey gang, Does anyone know where I can find a 3x3 trillion cut
padparadscha sapphire? It seems that while casting several of
these fancy shaped sapphires into a wax, the only padparadscha
mysteriously dissapeared…I have sifted through all the used
investment and even looked in the oven thinking maybe it fell out
during burnout. The customer is furious at me and I am in
desperate need of some help finding a stone like this. Any
suggestions? Thanks Ken Sanders Lorena,TX

Ken, Try calling Mahesh, at M&P Gem Imports, in Dallas. I can
give you their number, if you need. If they don’t have one, they
should know who to contact. Curtis

Hello Ken,

Try those places:

Good Luck,


Hi - I am a gem dealer in the S.F. area - and what you are
looking for is pretty rare - but I’m happy to try and find it…
first could you please describe the color - was it an African
Pad - kind of orangy rust, or was it a Sri Lanka color - more
peachy pink and lighter - if we can’t find a tril - then another,
more expensive alternative is to find the right color round to
show the customer, and then recut it to a tril. Let me know if
you need further assistance - Timo -

I would try the James Alger Co in New Hampshire. I can get
their phone number for you if you can’t locate them. Email me off
list. You can also try Boston Gems and Findings (although I
don’t think you will have as good luck there). They are located
at 333 Washington ST. Boston, MA East to WEst Imports, also at
333 Washington St in Boston, might have something but make sure
you are clear on the quality of the stone you want with them. If
none of these work email me off list and I can give you more
ideas. Danny

Ken I wouldn’t be surprised if your ‘Padparadscha’ Sapphire
turned out to be a faceted Rhodochrosite gem. They closely mimic
one anaother and as I collect (and sell) them I have come across
many parcels of these mixed species over the years. Either
inexperienced or sleazy dealers. Get yourself a simple
Refractometer and test gemstones before you gaurentee their
authenticity. And NEVER take the word of a client as to the gems
identity…you’re opening yourself up to potential swindles or
excepting anothers error in judgement. Rhodochrosite will
literally evaporate in a burnout or in a lye solution. Not
sapphires. Good luck. Kim.