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Pacific cloth

Hi guys, I’m having trouble finding pacific cloth; that special
flannel stuff you store silver ware and jewelry in to keep tarnish at
bay (in case it goes by other names). And while we’re on the subject,
what’s on the cloth that makes it work? Thanks,

Lizzy Claiborne

Try Hagerty’s in South Bend Indiana. (wholesale only)They have all
kinds of different size silverware pouches for storage, and loads of
other silver care products. I do not represent Hagerty’s in any way-
just a long time very satisfied customer. Ed in Kokomo, IN

A search at produced “Treated
Silver Cloth - Sometimes called Pacific Cloth, this flannel-like
fabric is treated to prevent tarnish in silver and other precious
metals. Sold by the yard, each piece is 58” wide." It is $22.95 and
comes in 5 colors.

Daniel Kamman

Try Joann Fabrics or Hancock Fabric stores. I’ve purchased it by
the yard there in the past.


In rearranging the storage building last week, we found about ten
yards of never-used Pacific Cloth I’d forgotten about. So I went
looking for info on the effective life of its tarnish preventing
properties. Googled and found some posts by professional
conservationists. One mentioned that s/he had contacted Wamsutta
about any tests they may have done Re: the length of effectiveness
and the company hadn’t any data. A retail site quoted “40 years”.
Basically on how it works, what I found is that Pacific Cloth is a
brown felted fabric made by Wamsutta that contains thousands of
small particles of silver. When a piece of silver is wrapped in
Pacific Cloth, sulphur-containing gases from the surrounding air
react with these small silver particles rather than the silver item.
According to the infomation I gathered, the other colors of
anti-tarnish cloths are made by other companies and many have a
different composition.

Most fabrics stores used to carry Pacific Cloth. Unfortunately, the
only one I found that even knew what I was talking about was Hancock
Fabrics. There is a list of stores on their website. They also have
it available for online sales.


hi lizzy - if you already tried your local fabric stores for pacific
cloth, read no further - there actually is another cloth made for
the same purpose called - are you ready? (‘i’m not making this up
you know’, as the lady who translates wagner operas on national
public radio says) it is called ‘atlantic’ cloth. if that is not
available just work you way through the other five. good luck - ive
life can be fun - share it with someone.

This anti tarnish cloth is found by the yard in nearly all chain
fabric stores in the home decorating section. It runs about $8 to
$10 per yard, about 45 inches wide. Clients love it when you give
them a bag specially made for their piece. I find them very
necessary for the elaborate chains I make - then the customer
doesn’t have to polish it. If the necklace has lots of fiddley
stuff - snowflakes for example - I make an open-ended tube slightly
longer than the necklace. The necklace is dropped in, fastened, and
the tube extends over the entire length with no tangles. It helps a
lot if you can sew. And put the seam on the outside of the tube so
it doesn’t get tangled up with the dangles. Don’t tangle the

Enough of the rhymes - Judy Hoch

Hi all, Just a comment on Silver Cloth. I have been using it for a
number of years and it works great. I purchase mine by the yard at
my local fabric store (JoAnn Fabrics in the Cleveland area) for
about $7.00/yard. It only comes in one color, brown, but much less
expensive then the website that was suggested - I believe it is the
same product.

G. in Cleveland

I purchased mine at Hancock Fabrics in a beautiful ecru color.
Reasonably priced too…

Regards, Audie Beller of Audie’s Images-

Thanks to everyone who suggested sources for pacific cloth- and it’s
really interesting that almost everyone gets it at Jo Annes. The one
here keeps saying they don’t carry it, but I think I need to have a
little talk with the manager. I need it for about five different
apps, and freinds want it to store jewelry, teasets,… everybody
needs pacific cloth.