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Oxygen safety - Glasses


David, I also use prescription glasses and find that glasses to wear
over them, OSHA approved for torch work, are widely available. Not
the heavy welders goggles type - they are too dark to see the sort
of work we do soldering, etc. These look like ordinary dark glasses,
but sturdier and fit over your regular glasses and allow you to
protect your eyes as well as see what you’re doing. I believe you’ll
find some in Rio Grande’s catalog. Better to be safe than sorry,
huh ? Maybe not essential with propane but why not eliminate every
possible stress to our eyes ?



David, the expert I’ve come to rely on is Mike at wwwauralenscom/
He did my lenses for glassblowing to meet the safety and comfort needs
specific to what I do This small company out of Minnesota
advertises as, “Protecti ve eyewear for the medical, industrial, and
craft and hobby markets including laser and X-ray” After
experiencing the comfort and relief of that pair, I also have a
different pair for metalworking

Mike is no longer the only game in town when it comes to specialty
protective eyewear, yet he certainly IS amoung the best Some of the
products can seem pricey – but nowhere close to the cost of damaging
your eyesight –

No, we’re not related, and I hold no financial interest in the
company’s profit and loss statement I AM a very satisfied customer
Even if you don’t purchase from him he can supply some solid info Connie