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Oxygen regulator, recommended brands

I have a Meco oxy/propane set-up for my jewelry work. I need to replace the oxygen regulator made by Uni-weld as it has been problematic twice now. I bought the regulator from Otto Frei as part of a torch kit several years ago. I have researched various brands of oxy regulators and I’m at a loss at which of these brands is of highest quality. Any thoughts about the Uni-Weld regulators?



I assume that any warranty you had on that tool is long gone. Is there a welding supply nearby that can check out your regulator and repair as needed? I use a generator and I come directly to my Little Torch. NO regulator. But I work only in silver, gold, copper, and brass.

If a repair is possible I expect it will cost less than a new regulator.


Thank you for your response, Don. But, I’m looking for recommendations for quality brands of welding equipment suitable for jewelry making. I’ve looked into the various brands and I’m not sure if my problems with my Uni-weld regulator are common, or are they specific to my regulator (which has been repaired, but is presenting other issues).

Both Rio Grande and Stuller feature Smith oxygen regulators. If I was buying one that’s what I would buy.

Stuller also shows a Gentec regulator that looks exactly like the one I used to use, which came with a welding kit from Harbor Freight. I never had a problem with it.

I have switched to using an oxygen concentrator, have no intention of ever going back to using a tank, so if you are willing to pay the shipping I’d be happy to send you mine.

The regulator seems to be too bulky to fit in a USPS flat rate box so I can’t say what the shipping would be. $25? $30? Stuller sells the Gentec for $107 and would have a guarantee as well as Stuller support, so that should be considered.

Neil A

I am with Neil. I use an 02 concentrator and small 1 lb. propane tanks. I did use large tanks of gas for years with regulators and big heavy hoses. I just took a look at my now museum collection of regulators and they include Uniweld, Smith and Prestolite. They all worked fine, one even after I dropped a small anvil on it. Take a look at the environment of a welding operation where these regulators are used and abused. It is nothing like our typical shops. I would suggest that you take Neil up on his generous offer, but what you would pay for shipping would go a long way towards buying a new one. Stick with a good welding shop or buy from one of our trusted vendors. Good luck…Rob


I recommend Victor regulators, they are the best. I’ve been in the welding trade for over 30 years, and they have never failed me.

Thank you for replying and answering my question. I suspected Victor may be a top performer.

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Victor torches and regulators are the work horses off the steel fabrication world. They are sturdy well built products. I believe they are easily rebuilt and have broad availability. A visit to a welders supply would be invaluable.


Hi Vicki, I’ve been having the same problems with Uni-weld! Did you get a new regulator? My trouble was that my regulator wasn’t able to go lower than 40psi and would spike even higher as soon as I turned off the torch. I talked in depth with the tech person at Otto Frei and we couldn’t figure it out. So much trouble-shooting! Eventually I got a new Uni-Weld regulator and it was ok until recently, a year later, it spikes as soon as I turn off my torch and I have to bleed the hose to get it to go lower. Every. Single. Time. I know it’s been a year since you posted this but I’m wondering about what your issue was and if you were able to fix it. I actually made a Ganoksin account specifically so I could comment, lol.