Oxygen generators and torch LPM ratings

Hello All!!!

I am wondering if you all can help me?

I have been looking at getting an oxygen generator and I have hit a
road bump! The oxygen generators I have been looking at use LPM
(liters per minute?) and I no torch tip has an LPM rating that I
have been able to find. The two most common “torch” sizes seem to be
5 and 10 LPM.

I know Rio sells a kit including a little torch but I am interested
in a torch with a little more gusto!

I am sure a 10 LPM unit would be fine but I would rather know what
the torch rating is rather then just accept that bigger is better!!!

Also does anyone know if a system like this can be used with a
larger propane tank, I hate using the disposable tanks! Not only are
they more expensive but they are also wasteful!

Thank you in advance for all your great advice!

Hi Kenneth,

1lb propane tanks exist that you can put a regulator on and can be
refilled and they work with the little torch. They are just harder to
find. I went to awelder shop and they refill it for me. They also put
it together for me. I was having a problem disposing those wasteful
little propane tanks.