Oxygen concentrator

There was a remanufactured oxygen concentrator on rio grande for weeks. I finally moved around enoufg money and it is gone. Any idea where i can find another at the under $500 mark, or instructions on converting ine myself?

Comtact them?

See if there is anyone in your area that maintains and reconditions medical O2 concentrators. Make sure that it is at least 5LPM and is continuous flow, not demand. You can also look at Market Place, Craig’s List and others. Good luck…Rob


I found a local person on Craigs List that sold reconditioned O2 converters. It was $250 and like new.

Good luck!

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Yeah. I bought mine from them. 5Lpm

I added a handy place to store my tips.

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I picked mine up at oxygenplusmedical.com. They were super helpful usually sell to the glassblowing community. They require a statement that the refurbished machine is for hobby only, not medical use and have at least two sales a year to help out with pricing and costs.


I already have a sniths oxy propane, but do you see anything extra i need if i buy this one?

Ok, i emailed who you used but im so confused. The one in the uk alrwady had theirs set up for a smiths and oropane but all rhe US places are showing refilling stations etc? I had thought the concentrators made their own oxygen eliminating the need of oxygen tanks? Are there other parts im going to need to buy etc?