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Oxygen Concentrator

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do you connect the concentrator's output directly to the hose of
the torch? i.e., what about a regulator? does the concentrator have
to be modified in any way to use with the torch? what about check
valve and/or flashback arrestor? any other drawbacks or
considerations that i would ask if i knew enough? 

The thread on the concentrator’s output was the same as the thread
on the oxygen hose of the smith little torch, so I just put them
together to test it. Certainly flashback arrestors wouldn’t hurt, and
would be a safety factor. They would thread right on, as well, great
suggestion. I don’t know about prior modifications- I purchased them
from someone who was selling them as a favor for the previous owner.
The previous owner was attempting to use them for making glass beads,
perhaps there was not enough output for that use. I bought two of
them, one was just loaned out to a friend. The regulator idea is a
very good suggestion, or at least some little adjustable valve that
would make the output a bit more adjustable so the concentrator would
work with smaller tips- I use #4 and #5 little torch tips quite a
bit. I took me a year and half to get around to testing it, it does
have the potential to replace an oxygen bottle and regulator. I
don’t have a clue as to when, where and who reconditioned the unit.
It’s clock has about 21,000 hours on it. Sounds like a new one would
be a life time purchase. They don’t look modified, just have a
sticker “Not for Medical Use” stuck on the top.

Maybe someone on the forum has experience they can share?

Rick Hamilton

You might want to try and ask for
Justin. Many glass lampworkers use their concentrators and are
pleased with their services. You might also try an oxygen generator,
yeah, more $$ but a greater investment!

Good luck,

The friend that borrowed the extra oxygen concentrator is an engineer
(he builds my computers) took a look at the innards. There are two
concentrators that alternate, a compressor, and a small storage tank.
There is also a regulator which may be adjustable, but also may be
connected to the audible alarm. The oxygen is probably about 95%
pure. The concentrators do have check valves.

Rick Hamilton

I have an oxygen concentrator that I’ve used for several years. You
don’t need a regulator because the concentrator has a knob on it
that regulates the number of liters/minute delivered. Usually, I keep
it full on, at 6 liters/min and that’s enough for my minor burner, on
which I make glass beads using propane and the O2. It’s much more
stable than the regular O2 tanks I used to use and, certainly,

Jackie Truty
Art Clay World, USA, Inc.

what should i look for in an oxygen concentrator for torch work? i
looked at the oxygenplusmedical’s paypal site and saw machines
listed at many different prices. does anyone know the difference
between rebuilt and reconditioned?

jean adkins


I will defer to the posts of the last several days on how to use the
item as an oxygen source for a torch.

My experience used medical equipment is that; Reconditioned is
inspected, cleaned, consumables replaced, i.e. o-rings seals,
reagents refilled or replaced, but the machine was working when it
came in within parameters.

Rebuilt means it wasn’t working or working incorrectly, the internal
components repaired or replaced and the above actions taken on
cleaning and consumables.


My wife uses a oxygen concentrator for medical purposes. I have used
a concentrator, I can run two mini torches at the same time.

Look under oxygen in the yellow pages, and there should be medical
oxygen companies, and some businesses that repair. I can get a
reconditioned unit for $150 bucks from a repair place. I ran mine
for years, all day,

and it finally gave out. It will probably be cheaper to buy another
unit than to rebuild the one that quit. I do not understand why, but
they usually cost more to rebuild.

There was someone who sold concentrators for glass that posted years
ago, and I got one that way, I think it was $180 or something like

Richard Hart

thanks for the advice. it seems to me that an oxygen concentrator
and a disposable propane or mapp tank should just about fit my needs.
i have been stewing around for years using a mapp pencil torch but
wanting the extra control of a little torch. my concern has been
around safety. although i am very serious about what i do, i will
never make jewelry for a living. so, for someone who doesn’t use a
torch every day or do anything but chains in a production mode, the
concentrator and disposable fuel gas with a little torch will
probably do the trick. thanks to everyone for advice. anyone else
want to add any comments?

jean adkins

Hi Rick,

You asked those of us with oxygen concentrator experience to share.
I have two oxygen concentrators that I use with my Barracuda torch
for lampworking along with propane. I need two concentrators at 6 LPM
(Liters per minute), since the one I was using did not produce
enough oxygen to run the larger torch I am now using. Each
concentrator running at 6 LPM would operate one minor burner or
equivalent just wonderfully, but with the switch of torches and
larger flame, I needed to add more oxygen. I will be adding a third
so that I can work on larger Pyrex (borosilicate glass) pieces. This
third one will be the equivalent of the two (12 LPM) I already have
so I have enough oxygen for my needs. The Barracuda needs 20 LPM to
be fully functional for larger borosilicate.

One of my concentrators has a regulator on the front. This was an
experiment. I never use it, it is just an ornament, it can be
adjusted, but seems like overkill since it does not really change
the flow enough to notice for my purposes. My concentrators are not
medical devices and are marked as such, so there is no need for
finite adjustments, they have been modified for non-medical use. The
second one, has no regulator and I cannot tell the difference between
the two units when running either one, one at a time. I have them
connected via a “Y” connection with the lines from the concentrators
running into the “Y” and then one to the lampwork torch bib that
feeds the oxygen to the torch. Concentrators are very quiet, no
problem there. BUT… to hook these machines up to a torch hose (read
little torch) that has a metal threaded fitting on it may be the
challenge. Mine have a threaded piece that it at the place where the
oxygen comes out of the machine. There is a connection, made via a
piece called a “Christmas Tree” (which is plastic), used to concoct
the hoses that I use. I see no place for a hose to be directly
connected which has a threaded metal connector. The threaded outlet
from the machine does not seem to have a small opening, but rather a
larger one than the hose connects used for the little torch. Oxygen
and fuel gas have different threading systems so you cannot connect
the wrong one. This is a safety factor. The place that you purchase
the concentrator may have the availability to have a different kind
of connection available, please check before purchase. If only the
Christmas tree connect, you can always get a brass step connection
from a welding shop or home improvement center to fit the threads on
your torch. In my estimation, you will still need a little feed of
clear hose to come off the Christmas tree fitting before it goes
into the step fitting to connect to the mini torch. Just be prepared
for all the connections and fitting needed to make the oxygen fit the
application you have in mind. The concentrator company may have
already solved this problem, so be sure to ask them before purchase
and have them do all the connections needed if at all possible. It
takes a very long time and lots of steps to find the proper fittings
yourself. I have all the hoses secured with a stainless hose clamp
so there is no leakage. This setup is very well ventilated at all

Beth Katz
Paste and Powder solder for Jewelers and Metalsmiths

I have an Allied Healthdyne model 505 oxygen concentrator used in
lampworking. Unfortunately, it sat idle for about 6 months and when
I went to fire it up the oxy level gauge sits at zero. I am getting
a little oxygen at the torch, but it’s not working correctly.

Does anyone know where I can get an owners manual or service? The
unit was purchased from Suncoast Beads and Paulette has sold the

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated!

Francine Nardolillo