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Oxidizing nickel silver

yes, it’s true, i’m using some nickel silver…

if it makes you feel any better i haven’t EVER used nickel silver -
it’s why i actually have a few sheets of it lying around and after
running out of sterling, i went for it. i’ve literally had these
sheets for oh, ten years or so… besides, it’s helping keep the cost
of these little “crafty” items down and hopefully, make them
available to more people. i’m not out for fine art with these, just a
fun, creative way to keep income coming in.

ANYWAY… now that i’ve overjustified my use of nickel silver
here… snicker

is there ANY way to oxidize the stuff? standard liver of sulphur
doesn’t seem to be working.

if you’ve got any thoughts, do respond - and if possible include my
email address in the reply - i’m on digest and will definitely be
sifting through for an answer but i’d love you forever if you could
make it easier for me.

btw - i’ve been on and off of orchid for YEARS - it’s good to be
back. :slight_smile:


I just dug out my 25 year old piece of nickel and tried out our
Antique Patina. Scrubbed off the corner of the sheet and rubbed a
little in. Turned black/brown almost instantly. Actually would
probably dilute the patina solution a bit for more control. Learned
something too.


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Question about nickel silver: is there something about how nickel is
made that it only takes LOS on one side? I have painted on straight
LOS gel and left it for altogether over 2 hours and nothing. But the
back, that had no LOS directly on it patinated almost immediately.
What could I be doing wrong? I have done both sides the same as far
as sanding and cleaning.

I have not tried to use liver of sulfur to patina nickel silver, but
I have used Handy Flux. I put the torch on the piece, and quench in
water, then, I put flux on it, both sides, and torch again, and
repeat until I get a patina I like. The down side is that if you get
a patina you really like, you have to go with cold connections after
that. Each time you touch the metal with a torch, it will change.

By the way, I use a plumbers torch, and acetylene gas to do this.