Oxidising Products Recommendations

Hi All

I swore years ago never to touch liver of sulphur again to oxidise my
silver as I could never get it uniform even with ammonia. I don’t
used acids for cleaning rather sodium bisulphate as pickle so that
may have contributed to the problem. Well I now need to use something
and I was wondering if anyone could recommend any other products that
work well.

Many thanks
Christel van der Laan

Try Lime Sulfur from the garden supply store. It is calcium sulfide
it is a little different in its effects from liver of sulfur it
seems to be a more repeatable material . Anyway it works well for

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An even patina with liver of sulfur is achieved by thorough cleaning,
ultra sonic and steam cleaner is best if you have them, Fast Orange,
or a similar product that is a degreaser with pumice works real
good. These products also give a nice matt finish to jewelry when
applied with a brass brush. Fast Orange is sold at hardware or
automotive supply store.

I’ve used warmed household bleach with good outcomes for a blackish
patina on silver. Just put a small ammount in the microwave for a
few seconds and paint it on, or dip it in.

Several days ago I was using modeling clay to hold down a silver
piece on our digital CAD scanner. I left the piece on the machine
overnight and was pleasantly surprised to see the back of the piece
was oxidized nicely where the clay had been touching the piece. Very
Black. I can not give specifics on the brand of clay because we use
many different types. Most of the sculpture clay manufacturers make
both sulphured and sulphur free varieties. We can assume that I was
using a sulphured product. I have used both win-ox and Rio’s
chemical, neither of which is user friendly. Now with my new
oxidizing clay I can place it where I want it and I don’t have to
use an acid mask. I think this will really help for touch up on
tumbled pieces.

Cheers Marty

You might try Griffiths silver black… Rio, stuller we all carry
something very simpler.

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You might try Griffiths silver black.

I’m very fond of this stuff, and I use it all the time. It’s very
easy to use, requires no heating, keeps indefinitely, and provides an
even, durable black finish. A little bit goes a long way, and it can
be brushed on or used as a “dip” for production pieces.

Just take care when handling it - it is hydrochloric acid based. It
won’t generally hurt you, but if you should ever chance to get it in
a teeny papercut you didn’t know you had, it stings like all get out.


Jessee Smith
Cincinnati, Ohio