Oxidising/ blackening silver

Hi all
I have made this ring and blackened with max black. I’ve used renaissance wax and polished with a dry mop
Two questions for you all
Is there a better way to polish
When selling, what info do I need to give
“ how long will the blackening last?”
“ How do I polish/ care for the ring?”
Thankyou in lieu :pray:

I’m not sure how to answer your question exactly? Black Max and liver of sulphur both create oxide coats that can/will be worn off over time through normal wearing. I don’t there is any way to retain that patina permanently, especially how you’ve oxidized areas that will get rubbed whenever the ring is worn. As far as how long it will wear, I don’t think there is any way to guess. It all depends on the wearer.

Sorry that I don’t have a better answer! I’m not sure there is one, but maybe someone else will have better suggestions.


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I share Jeff’s prevarication. It all depends on how it is worn. I would add that you should polish the piece just like you would if you didn’t plan on oxidizing the metal. Oxidizing won’t cover up dings and dents. I like to tumble an oxidized piece in stainless steel shot after I have oxidized and removed what I want removed with a small wheel or a brass brush. The tumbling gives the oxidized finish a bit of a shine. Renaissance wax may protect the finish for a while, but it, and the finish, will begin to wear off, possibly in a was that the wearer likes. You can always remove it and start over. Good luck…Rob

Thankyou both for taking the time to answer.
Your answers were exactly as I thought may have been
I will tell my customers that I can re blacken it periodically if that is what they’d like
I love the look of the blackened silver
Again. Thankyou :pray:

Oxidation on rings does not last. Best to tell people up front.