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Oxidbeize gosiba german oxidizing liquid

I just purchased some of the German silver oxidizer recommended by
Harold O’Connor. It arrived without any or precautions to
take when using the liquid. The label is in German. Does anyone use
this product and know the how too’s of using this product? I found it
on the Karl Fischer web site item #7669. Unfortunately every page
regarding this product was in German which I can’t read.

Estelle Vernon

I assume you have found the “Anleitung”, ie. instructions on
Fischer’s site, just underneath the product description. I haven’t
tried, but copy-pasting from the pdf-file into an online translator
like Babelfish might give you some help. Here is a first summary:

  • Preparation is, as usual, good cleaning and degreasing.

  • The liquid works with silver, copper, brass, tombak (red brass)
    and nickel silver.

  • For silver it says to dip 5 to 10 secs until a slightly blue, matt
    surfaces shows. If not sufficient, move another 3 to 5 secs in the

  • Finish with a fine brass brush to gain an even appearance. It says
    that the piece, immediately after the bath, is uneven and not good

  • Unsuccessful coloration can be removed with a strong sodium
    cyanide solution (200 - 500 g/l).

  • The product is alkaline and corrosive. Wear gaunt, protection
    glasses and protective clothing.

Feel free to contact me off-list for further translation /
interpretation work.

Best from France,


Try Babel fish it has worked well for me on several languages.