Overseas lapidary services

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has used either the usgemlanka
lapidary service based in Sri Lanka or the Chinese firm AAA GEMS

If anyone has had business deealings with either of the above two
firms I would love to hear their referal or critique of them.

Obstensibly I would like to find a lapidary service that will cut
round and oval cabs in semi precious material. Beads too if that is
possible. If there are other firms that are also offering these
services and are competitive please let me know.

Since I am based in Europe I would like either European or Asian
firms simply because of the high customs duties on goods from North

Thank you

Peter, Orchid has a wonderful member from Sri Lanka that offers
excellent, reliable and honest services. He is Ahmed Shareek, his
company name is Crescent Gems. His e-mail address is,
creslent@sltnet.lk I know you will be happy with his services,
many of us online are. Terrie

Boy I’ll second the recommendation of Ahmed Shareek, he is terrific
we have done business with him and certainly will again when the
occasion arises. Lynda and Jan