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Overnight Storage of Carbon Steel Shot

While Tumble Polishing has been a thread, let me ask what those who
use Carbon Steel Shot, store their shot in to prevent rust.

This is a Jewelry Studio, used by many, some new, and others
veterans. Some mornings, I find the storage solution rusty and oily,
and the shot a mess.

Part of the time, there was not enough fluid to amply cover the
shot, others, who knows? In any event the Concentrate/Rust Preventer
gallon jug was close to empty, and similar was not to be found. What
do others use?

The regimen in Studio, is to Tumble for a maximum of 15 minutes,
rinse and discard the Burnishing solution and replace with Storage
solution. The next person to Tumble polish, then returns the Storage
solution to the jug, and replaces it with Burnishing solution, and

What solutions are others using for Storage, and who is selling
them. Classes restart on the 8th.


Terrie, I have used carbon steel shot for years. Sometimes I do not
use it for months. All you need do is be sure it is covered by water
and there is burnishing soap in it. I open my tumbler 3-4 months
after using it and the shot is perfect! No need to switch back and
forth from storage to burnishing solutions. Just leave it in

Again, if it does rust die to carelessness, simpley drain it, rinse
it, put it into a plastic bowl and pour in a can of regular coke a
cola. It will be shiny in a minute or two@!

Cheers from Don in SOFL