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Overhead case lighting

Hi all,

We are doing a remodel at my store, and I have the opportunity to
put CORRECT lighting in/on one 6’ showcase. (It’s a pawn shop, so
don’t tell me how to light anything else, we’re on the budget plan.)
I think the new LED lights (saw them in the Kassoy catalog) are too
expensive, so I wouldn’t want to use those. The in-case lights are
fluorescent and will probably remain that way.

It will be the diamond solitaire/ our best merchandise case, with a
bench for customers in front of it and a small office with desk and
microscope behind it. Should I do halogen track spots or pendant
lights, or is that too harsh? Would a more diffused, cool fluorescent
lamp hanging over the case be better? Can I buy it at Lowe’s, or are
lamps from a jewelry-oriented company better? How about the lighting
in the small office? I would assume that customers would come in
there from time to time to look at an item more closely. It will have
3/4 walls made of tinted glass, and will receive some ambient light
from its surroundings.

I figure that if I have the opportunity to do it RIGHT, I might as
well try my best!!

Thanks y’all,
Julia Newton
Damp and dreary North Carolina, USA

What I have would work Great, If you want track lighting leave me a
phone# and I will let you know the Items I have.