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Outsourcing Ring Resizing & Repairs

Hi everyone,

We are a small boutique focused on custom engagement rings in New Zealand. A lot of our customers are based in US and from time to time many rings require resizing.

At the moment, we have to get them shipped back to New Zealand to do resizing & repairs. I was wondering if anyone on Ganoksin knows any reliable contract resizing & repair business in US so that we can maybe direct all resizing issues locally.

Would appreciate everyone’s ideas/ feedback & thoughts.

Posting an enquiry for the first time on Ganoksin… Hope the post makes sense.

Many thanks

I am sure that quite a few of us here on Orchid could probably help you.
While I generally do work for local stores that pick up and deliver, but occasionally a repair will be shipped to me by mail.
A method of billing either your firm, or the customer for alterations would have to be established.
A lot depends on your volume and your expectations.

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If you want a large reliable and well known company I would suggest Jewel Craft Inc. in Erlanger Kentucky. They do sizing and repair for hundreds of stores and large chain operations. I receive hand engraving jobs from them on occasion and know them well.
Let them know that John Wade from Wade Designs sent you.

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Completely agree on the billing part being established… I guess it will work where a customer will directly mail to ring to the repairs company and we will work with you in regards to quotation and payment… Thanks

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That is a very big help John!!! Thank you so much!! Will surely get in touch with them.