Outlet for stones and jewelry

Good Day Everyone,

Was looking for an outlet in New England if possible to sell a great
deal of gems and jewelry.

It was left to me by my mentor who recently passed away. I am
overwhelmed by the volume and am sorting through it slowly.

She particularly loved Tourmalines, large ones, bi-color,
Indicolites and Watermelon not to mention anything else that was

Thank you for your help,


Skinner, Inc. has a “Discovery” auction once a month in Marlborough,

Email = discovery at skinnerinc.com

They auction glass, wood, prints, rugs, dishes, furniture, books,
anything they feel has a value. You can send an email and ask for an
appointment with an expert in the area. In the past they have
auctioned fine crafts and fine jewelry. Generally prices are between
$250 and $2500 but high end pieces are also sold. They charge a fee
to sell, some pieces have a reserve. You might want to send an email
and inquire.

Good luck. MA

You might try using ebay. I’ve seen people do this.