Out! Out! Damned spot(s)!

Hi Folks,

Beware! There are gremlins and goblins and Orcs afoot! With
all this discussion of porosity in castings, I am holding all of
you responsible for the gold crown I cast yesterday! This
discussion has unleashed spectres from the distant mists of time
that are better left resting back in those distant mists of
time. This crown had not only, surface porosity, but also
subsurface inclusions of carbon incorporated within the metal.
It had more porosity, pits, and pimples than a dermatologist
sees in a month! Please cease and desist!(or at least speak in
hushed tones when speaking of these matters)

It appears that while in the process of making my casting, my
mind was elsewhere employed, thinking about the Orchid casters
that are having problems(the hobgoblins were awakened and were
taking possession of my very being!). It appears that the
container of casting flux normally setting by my casting machine
had grown legs and walked away(tele-transported by evil
entities). An alternate container disguised as flux but
secretly containing instant porosity(plastic beads for a dental
process), had been substituted in its place. With my mind
elsewhere engaged, I liberally “fluxed” the metal. The echo of
the laughter of the evil entities is still ringing in my ears!
It is all your collective faults! The spectres are unleashed so
beware! I will need to make a suitable sacrifice to the casting
gods. I’m hoping a burned grilled cheese sandwich I made
earlier today will suffice.(maybe you have also offended the
cooking gods too)


Skip Meister
NRA Endowment and

Guess I’d better not say anything about my gold turning to lead
problem on here… Oops!



Why Skip…You’re not superstitious are you?! Did you kill
the chicken exactly at noon and drip the blood all around the
casting machine? I think you hit the nail on the head.
Concentration, having your mind on your work is crucial. And to
all of you’s guy’s following any of this casting thread, try one
suggestion at a time to see if it helps. If you try everything at
once you’ll never know which one actually helped. J.A.

Be Careful, Skip. Once they have taken up residence they are
hard to get rid of. Maybe it’s the flux they were really
after–probably get a high from it. Try leaving a small dish of
flux around in some other place–that may appease them. Sandra

Do you mean to tell me you were casting during a change in the
weather (barometric changes)??? No wonder you had

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If your’re headed in the right direction,
each step, no matter how small, is getting you closer to your goal.

Do you mean to tell me you were casting during a change in the
weather (barometric changes)??? No wonder you had

How about the phase of the moon? or the astrologigal sign…