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Ottoflex shaft / Swiss handpiece


i don’t know about you guys, but this machine has got to be
beautiful to work with. Handpiece is looking pretty comfy in the
bench mag add! Anybody got a good one that’s not foredom? Yea,
harbor freight has the low,low… starving artist


Not only do I own an OttoFlex myself, but I ordered 8 for Metalwerx.
Everyone of our studiomates also has one. Four of us use the Swiss
handpieces, which become my third hand. And if you do decide on an
Ottoflex, make sure you get the Lucas footpedal.

The Ottoflex is a very solidly built machine, easy to maintain.
Frei and Borel did a great service by supplying these.

My flex shaft is one of the most indespensible machines I own. You
will do yourself a favor by starving and ordering one from John
Frei. Andy Cooperman said it best, there is no such thing as an
economy precision tool.

Karen Christians
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Ph. 781 937 3532, Fx. 781 937 3955
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