Other methods for fabricating an eternity channel set ring and how do you get the support bars in there?

Hi, folks! I’ve got a problem I was hoping somebody could help me with. There is a dearth of information out there on the different ways to fabricate a channel ring, especially a full eternity channel ring. I figured out how to calculate the math on making one given the stones’ measurements, and it would work either for a ring you carved down from a solid band or one that is made by creating the channel floor and soldering the walls onto either side. Some channel rings, for extra stability and security, will have bars, rings, or even tubes inside the channel that the stones sit in (bars for square/rectangular stones, rings and tubes for round stones), but the issue I’m having is… how do you get the bars in the exact positions and solder them in? I could probably figure out the math for the dimensions and size to make the bars, but how do you actually get the bars in there all the way around the channel? Do you solder them in or carve them as part of the ring either from wax or the metal itself? How would you guys go about making a full eternity channel set ring? The three methods I’m seeing to make one is either carve it from wax and cast it, fabricate it and solder the pieces together, carve it down from a thick metal band. Is that it or are there other ways? Thanks in advance!


quick question…by “bars”…do you mean like in the below pic?…if so, those “bars” are revealed by the cutting out of the holes on the bottom…in this case square holes…