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Otec Eco Maxi/Mini and magnetic tumblers

Hi all,

I’m thinking about purchasing either the full eco maxi system, or
the wet/dry mini plus a separate magnetic finisher. What are your
experiences with these machines? I currently use an industrial sized
rotary tumbler with ceramic media (wet), then with plastic media
(wet), then a vibratory tumbler with walnut shell. I have many small
cast pieces with detail that doesn’t get polished this way- I’m
thinking the magnetic tumbler with fix that issue. Just so you don’t
think I’m a total gizmo-junkie, I have to replace the current system
either way, because it is not my own- so I’m trying to find out if
the Otec is an improvement or just more expensive.

Thanks for any advice,

Hi Hannah, I have a small Raytech magnetic tumbler and I absolutely
love it. There can be some tricks to using it–like most things
there’s a learning curve–for instance some small parts can pack
themselves tightly together in ways you’d never anticipate and are
hard to separate and those little needles can work themselves into
small places and be difficult to remove–but there are things the
magnetice tumbler can do that nothing else will do and it’s a very
friendly machine.