OSHA regulations

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone point me to OSHA regulations related to our industry? I
have made several visits to their website but have come away empty
handed and I have concerns about being in compliance. Sure would hate
to be fined!

Two of us share a studio/retail space. Most of the equipment is
shared, but some chemicals (nitric acid) and LOS are not. Would that
present a compliance issue?

Any anecdotes on the subject?

Susan Ronan
Coronado, CA

I can’t point you to OSHA, but I can say here in AZ if you are using
chemicals, you must let the folks at city hall know…that’s a
separate license in of itself in order to operate. If I were you I
would start at the lowest level for info and work my way up. You are
probably at a much higher risk for inspection from the city or
county folks than you are the federal OSHA.


A short list of some of what I am involved with.

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet - I have three books of these
sheets. Everything from grinding wheels and belts, sandpaper,
metals, fuel, acids, chemicals, adhesive, batteries…to soap.

Hazardous Communication Labeling - HazCom Labels required on
supplies not in original labeled container, chemicals that are mixed
and not disposed of or remain after person mixing them has left the
area of use. Pickle pots here are labeled, waste containers, also
Liver of Sulfur, patinas, flux, pumice, etching solutions, etc.
Storage of acids, flammables, corrosives, chemicals and waste

Spill cleanup kits for acids and corrosives.

Hazardous Waste disposal.

Safety training - hearing protection, ladder use training, First
Aid, lockout/tagout for equipment not in use or being repaired,
respirators, protective equipment, machinery guarding, injury
prevention, fire safety, harassment and workplace violence training,


California OSHA is where to look. Like the minimum wage California
has rules that supercede the Federal requirements and are, or can be
strictly enforced.

A link for you to California’s site

Also MJSA has a really good Compliance manual that is very helpful.
Many hours went into its creation when California regulators took a
long hard look at jewelry manufacturing in high rise building
downtown. http://www.mjsainc.com/edu_outreach.php

We (Precious Metals West) invited OSHA in under their voluntary
compliance program. You must fix what the require, but it keeps you
away from fines which can be very high.

Your chemicals must be in proper storage, and your ventilation must
be adequate. Personal safety equipment as relates to your processes
are very important.

Good Luck
Daniel Ballard