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Oscars 2009 - Angelina's emeralds jewelry

Did anyone watch the Academy Awards? I got to see the last hour and
besidesthe regular blah, blah, blah,…I was knocked over by those
exquisite emerald earrings and ring on Angelina Jolie! Is there any
new material coming out of the ground like that anymore? Where they
old stones/inventory?

Does anyone know who made them? They were beautiful!


I did a google search and found them on Sophia Zail’s website blog.
The earrings were made by Fred Leighton. Simply scrumptious!!!


A friend of mine, Claire Bersani works on commissions from the
Middle East. She is given a selection of stones to create a necklace
of her own design. Claire showed me a grouping of emeralds that I had
never seen before, so yes, they are out there. Finding them in the
mainstream market is difficult.

You are right though, yummmmmmy!

karen christians

exquisite emerald earrings and ring on Angelina Jolie! Is there any
new material coming out of the ground like that anymore? Where they
old stones/inventory? 

Dang, let’s face it, that gal’s so beautiful, she could wear glass
and they’d look like emeralds.


I did watched it and loved those earrings, I am from Colombia (South
America) and my grandfather used to work at the Emerald mines and
always picked up the best for my mom, 6 years ago while I was
studying English in Australia a Colombian guy was selling some huge
Emerald rocks he brought from Colombia to help with his monthly
bills over there. So I guess you can still get those huge Emeralds.

Fred Leighton does produce a line, but they specialize in vintage.
His showroom near the Bellagio in Las Vegas is a stunning visual
display of magnificence in jewelry design and for the materials used.
Breathtaking and overwhelming. Angelina’s earrings were most likely

Richard Hart G.G.
Jewelers Gallery
Denver, Co.

Emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds were front and center
in the jewelry worn at the Oscar awards this year. Emerald 

Angelina Jolie wore huge emerald earrings and a matching ring,
both designed by Lorraine Schwartz.The gemstones in these two
pieces of jewelry were so large and so well matched, it is
impossible toeven imagine how expensive these pieces are
probably in the millions of dollars. Some estimates run at $20

Jolie wore an emerald solitaire on the index finger of her right
hand that appeared to be antique cushion cut, which is a modified
rectangular shape. The twist to this ring is that the stone is
turned at a 90-degree angle so that its set on the ring mounting
forming a diamond shape rather than a rectangular one. 

The emerald drop earrings consisted of two large emeralds; the
emerald on the post mirrored the mounting shown on the ring and
was about the size of the briolette shaped emerald drop. Sapphire 

Freida Pinto wore a classic pair of sapphire and diamond drop
earrings. The stud of the earring consisted of a round diamond.
The drop was briolette (teardrop) in shape with diamonds
outlining a center set sapphire. She looked lovely. Ruby, Emerald
and Sapphire 

Amy Adams covered the three precious colored gemstones bases in
a Fred Leighton vintage 1950s bib style necklace. Different sizes
of the colored with diamond thrown in, were connected
in spider web formation. This necklace was so ornate; no other
jewelry was needed or worn. 

The necklace was paired with a red dress. Red and green are
complimentary colors, however there was so much going on with the
dress and the necklace that the overall affect was disharmonious.
There was no real focal point to the outfit, which is needed when
pairing colors so the eye darted about. Not a good combo. 


Penelope Cruz looked fabulous in diamond earrings and matching
necklace. The earrings were a round diamond solitaire. The
necklace was very Wilma Flintstone with round diamonds strung in
a graduated fashion. It sat directly on the collarbone. Graduated
means the round diamond front and center was the largest,with the
diamonds traveling back around the necklace gradually decreasing
in size. 

Taraji P. Henson also sparkled in diamonds. She wore a vintage
19th-century Fred Leighton diamond necklace. The collar of the
necklace was low choker style. From the collar of the necklace
hung five drops set with many diamonds. Each drop was
chrysanthemum in shape. 

Completing the look was a diamond and ruby ring she wore on her
middle finger. As she carried a ruby red silk fabric clutch in
the same hand, the overall effect was stunning.

Close up of emeralds Angelina wore, does not say who supplied them
and there seems to be conflicting reports.

Richard Hart G.G.
Jewelers Gallery
Denver, Co

While I could appreciate the exceptional quality of the stones (from
what I saw of her in the audience), I felt the earrings and ring
looked like Fred Flintstone cartoon jewelry.

yes i saw them,i really don’t mean to be cynical, sarcastic or
demeaning, and i really respect richard but she is a
billionaire/millionaire, supposedly saves kids from hellish
conditions, and i really don’t see anything special about having a
giant faceted emerald, no carving, no nothing, from where??, and
who mined them??? burma???, if it is, do you all know what the
burmese just went through??? too suspicious to me just oppulent
wealth, she should be wearing sackcloth and work for 100,000 a
movie at the most, not 20 mil, same with all the rest of them,
politicians, ceo’s etc, i say people are dying and suffering
because of those earrings, sorry for my opinion, dave

i say people are dying and suffering because of those earrings,,
sorry for my opinion 

Opinions are interesting, facts are meaningful… Everyone is equally
guilty or innocent as we all participate in the health or unhealth of
society, environment, ect. The projected dying and suffering. is
mental pollution.

Jewelry worn at the Oscar’s are loaned.

Richard Hart G.G.
Jewelers Gallery
Denver, Co.

I felt the earrings and ring looked like Fred Flintstone cartoon

And I felt like the earrings and ring looked like rare and
exceptional gems.

I have noticed that some of my customers have seen so many synthetics
and simulants that they don’t appreciate genuine gems of exceptional
quality. They say “They don’t look real.”

That these gems formed in the earth, were found, and were fashioned
into something that allows us to see the incredible beauty of these
materials has never failed to bring me joy.

Not the small commercial low quality poorly cut and polished "gems"
most are familiar with. I mean the museum quality gems that some of
us see on occasion that is owned by a customer, purchased from us, or
in a natural history museum. I have been blessed with champagne taste
when it comes to gems. I have seen some large tanzanites at gems
shows that are absolutely stunning deep blue with purple flashes that
I have never seen worn by anyone I know.

Most people I know eat cartoon food. You know, the food that is made
in plants and factories and is processed and manufactured and has
little resemblance to what occurs in nature. Food imported, probably
produced under the same conditions miners and cutters suffer from,
but not seen as an issue.

Richard Hart G.G.
Jewelers Gallery
Denver, Co.

i say people are dying and suffering because of those earrings,,
sorry for my opinion,,, dave 

It’s probably more accurate to say that a number of people fed their
families for a day or two because of those earrings.

Al Balmer
Sun City, AZ

giant faceted emerald, no carving, no nothing,,, from where??,,
and who mined them??? burma??? 

Hmm, never heard of Burmese emerald before. A lot of other locales
for emeralds comes up but not Burma. Now ruby, that’s another

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC

hmm could have been a gift DUH lol Yes the dichotomy of the
financial status between hollywould and real life is bad. Reminds me
of the French revolution but Angelina has always said she gets as
much for any movie she can so that she CAN help those regions and the
world. So instead of getting angry at the actors why not get angry at
the system that allows for SPORTS figures and all others to get paid
enormous salaries to do entertainment.

I am a fine artist who works in jewelry to support my studio habit
my first love will always be drawing, however I don;t get paid
millions lol I wish !something has always been wrong in a world that
supports such a drastic class difference.

What about jewelry chains that mark up industrial grade stones 500
percent and sell them to the public? It disgusts me. Yet the do it
because THEY CAN.

Nothing is ever perfect, but if it gives Angelina Joy Joy to wear
the emeeralds then I say isn;t that what jewelry is for in the end?


she should be wearing sackcloth and work for 100,000 a movie at the
most,,, not 20 mil,,, same with all the rest of them, politicians,
ceo's etc,,,, i say people are dying and suffering because of those
earrings,, sorry for my opinion,,, dave 

As makers of jewellery, we on this list are obviously in the
business of buying precious metals and With an opinion to
the extent of yours Dave, it would be difficult to be in this
business. As Nel Bringsjord (I think it was you Nel) pointed out on
another jewellery artist’s website (in response to many negative
comments from people who clearly did not know what they were talking
about), any jeweller worth his/her salt is a member of organisations
such as AGTA (?), etc and are obliged to source gemstones from
ethical, non- conflict sources or risk their reputation and
livelihood. It’s just not worth it if you’re a jeweller dealing in
very high value gemstones and in the public eye - as those jewellers
supplying celebrities are. And I’m certainly NOT saying that it is
worth it if you’re a small- timer - it’s not. I think people on this
list have a high standard of ethics as a rule. There are many people
out there who have seen the film Blood Diamond and have jumped on the
bandwagon regarding ethical mining issues.

It’s very easy to take one extreme stance or another in the issue of
mining but I don’t think it’s as cut and dried or simple
as that. As jewellers, we have to decide where we stand on this issue
and for me, as long as there is no conflict/war involved in the
mining, and the mine workers go to work out of choice, to put food
on their families’ tables - in other words, the mining of gemstones
benefits them rather than harms them - then I’m okay with it. YMMV.

I hope I’m not opening up a can of worms with this post.


Folks, virtually all the jewelry you see on those celebs at the award
shows are on loan for the evening. It is highly unlikely that
Angelina owns those emeralds so don’t judge her ethics based on your
lack of

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

Not sure I’ve seen any Burmese emeralds in a really long time.

I think the miners in Colombia (or Africa, India or wherever those
stones were mined), the gem cutters who cut them, the jewelers who
set them, the merchants who sold them were all really glad to see her
wearing them, because those gems represent the work that allows them
to feed their families. People are surviving and yes, some are even
prospering because of earrings like those. I thought she looked

I’ll leave the sackcloth and ashes question to the fashion
designers-- might be the new black!

Jim Sweaney, CGA, FGA, GG

Anyone who might like more info about the magnificent gems and
jewelry worn at the recent Oscars, go to

Jim Sweaney, CGA, FGA, GG

if you're a jeweller dealing in very high value gemstones and in
the public eye - as those jewellers supplying celebrities are. 

Not all of them…I am an LA jeweler, and have loaned work to
celebrities many times for award shows. I appreciate their
patronage, appreciate the free advertising…and of course
appreciate their very good taste! Of course the last time my work was
publicized because of that, I received calls from De Beers, Fred
Leighton, and some other big company who’s name escapes me…wanting
to know who the hell I am? De Beers asked if I would join their
circle of jewelers to promote diamonds. Although I was flattered by
the offer, I did not join.

Every once in a while even the little fish swims with the sharks.

Lisa, (Puck the goat died today. Thanks to all of you who asked
after him and his brother over the years. :wink: )Topanga, CA USA

Angelina has the right to wear any expensive items that she wishes
to. After all, it is her money earned honestly. She comes by it
through hard work, talent, and dedication If she owns the emeralds,
she deserves them. Chances are they were lent to her for evening.
But if she does own them, she has a right to purchase whatever she
pleases. She earned her money the hard way, by working for it.

It was not earned by fleecing hard earned money from people who were
conned into assuming mortgages that the lending agency knew they
could not afford. It was not earned by unscrupulous scam tactics, or
an undeserved a golden parachute.

I am really surprised that people would be so self-righteous about

Alma Rands