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'Ornamental '4-Bead Designs and Patterns'

Detailed Description of General Beading Designs that are often used.

                                                   ( **21 STYLES)**

(These names below were explained to me by my European trained Diamond Setter teacher

and instructor/mentor.) BTW, please excuse my typing diagrams!

Bead style and description:

· Two bead settings ; two beads opposing each other used on an angle.

· Four bead settings ; with an inside square cutting, or a four-sided pattern.

· “Fish-Tail” setting; two beads with filing & pushing over the metal opposite the beads. The result looks like a Fish’s “tail”, hence its name!

· “S-shape” with two beads; A curved, or swivel shape inside of the two stones.

· “ European Pattern ”; four beads with two sculptured angled cuttings 0 :^:0:^:0:

· Five bead; simple five beads, with one bead in the centre to be used for decoration, using the “Pre-Cut” method.

· Six Beads; same as the five-bead, but two more in between the diamonds.

· “Cut-Down ” in the “Art Deco” style era, using only 4 beads, used on a semi-round band. This has been described in great detail in my previous essays!

· “Cut-Down” same as above, but using NO beads, but a simplesliver of metal.

· “Pave” using all beads that are cleaned out, stones almost ‘girdle to girdle’.

· Seven beads ; using only four for the stone with 3 beads in between.

· Four bead ; using 4 beads & cleaning of any inside metal, as in watch cases.

· Shared Beading ; two beads, both in the center of the two diamonds.


“End of Line” Cuttings:

  • SQUARED OFF double cuts at the end :0:0:0:||

  • “V SHAPE” within the square end :0:0:0: <|

  • ANTIQUE: “ART DECO” All of the cutting coming to a point at the end of the diamond line.


    “Ornate” used for Single Stone Setting:

  • Star-Set ”; four beads with an Eight star engraved cutting

  • Recessed, Semi-Gypsy ”; Bright-Cut around the recessed hole.

  • Gents ”; total of 12 beads; 3 on each 4 corners “Picture” frame effect.

  • Gypsy/Flush ”; metal hammered over the stone and Bright-Cut.

  • Double Star ” 5 beads or more, used in white gold, in a yellow gold situation.

Now with “Computer Aided Designs” (aka. CAD) many of these patterns are slowly not getting used or even seen anymore. I’d like to continue in describing how these styles are used and now they will be remembered. I stand corrected if you are still using them…thanks!