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Ornament Design

Hello all,

I have volunteered to design an ornament for a desk or table, or to
hang on a Christmas tree, with a few variations for a fund raiser
for a local community theater/art center. I plan to design the main
part on Rhino and hand carve a few interchangeable pieces. I am
thinking of a porcelain look, not metal.

It could be some sort of resin that I could have produced by a
manufacturer, or even a ceramic that could be painted and fired by
local volunteers. Or of course porcelain, if it isn’t
cost-restrictive. Whatever I choose would be used again over the
years if it’s successful.

My knowledge is limited to gold smithing, jewelry type molds and
jewelry manufacturers, and the only carving I’ve done is in wax.

My first thought for a solution was the ingenious, generous Orchid
members. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions or contacts, I would
be very grateful.

Thank you in advance,