Origen of pearls

Hi all: I hope that after reading all of the wonderful info. you have
been sending on pearls you are not going to hate me by asking this
but I have very little experience in this field yet and would ask for
your patience. Here goes…

I have friend who is interested in selling a whole bunch of pearls
that were given to her many years ago by a jeweler who had an
unpayable debt. The origin (for those who prefer this word) or
provenance (for those who prefer this other)is supposed to be Japan
and I am almost sure they are not cultured because of their iregular
shape. Many of the pearls have ‘arms’, this I mean by not being
exactly round and having sought of grown extensions on them, I hope I
am explaining myself ok. There color is a delicious creamy color,
they are cold and quite heavy. As far as my instinct tells me these
are very expensive pearls but as I am no expert I really don’t want
to make an opinion as I might as well be wrong.

Can anyone help me? Thanks,

Krystina, the Australian born in Vienna Austria currently living in
Santiago de Chile and feeling very happy about the sun shining
through after 2 weeks of floods.- Chao.