Organizations to Join

Hi everybody: George and I have been flooded with information
regarding joining organizations. We are approved for some, but
the question is qhat is useful to small operations. Do we join
MSJA or do we just sign up for Polygon and use it as shortcut?
What is necessary and what is something you recommend or wish
you had joined earlier. We have a few very affluent clients and
once in a while they want something unusual. Anyway, we are
tired of seeing second rate stones and enhanced stones that most
customers avoid. When your funds go to material (in bits and
pieces) and better machinery (forever), what are the choices
experienced people would suggest? Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks Elizabeth

Elizabeth, I can recommend MJSA if you are going into
manufacturing. If you go into Craft and Gallery exhibits join
ACC. The manufacturing is much more wholesale retail based
within the existing jewelry store / manufacturer definition.
MJSA gives you a free web access which you may or may not
benefit from.

Bset regards,
TR the teacher,

I am not quite sure if this is an answer to your query but if
you join the American Gem Trade Association you will be helping
to deal with the issues of gemstone treatment disclosure and you
will get a list of gem dealers who are required to disclose all
gem treatments up front. If you want their address email me off
list and I’ ll forward it to you.

Although these are all GREAT organizations, I don’t know if they
are benefitial at all. Can anyone explain WHY one should join
any of these?

Member of all those mentioned.

If you think the organizations are great, it would seem that you
know why they are beneficial. I join for three reasons:

-access to "exclusive" information
-magazine subscription I want anyway
-networking via the local organization.

The last is the most important. Everyone should be in at least
one org. that has local meetings.