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Ordering policy

In other newsgroups the subject of return policies has become a
topic of discussion and I have decided to post after careful
thought and discussions with several of our clients.

cj ( Joseph J. Lanese )

This is called cross-posting,and it is very effective to
increase the volume of mail.Maybe if you are making an
announcement or some product advertisement,one can understand.But
what you are doing is dragging a heated discussion from one
E-mail list to another.I fear the precident here.There will be no
escape!!! Every small Greivence will be aired in all the
forums.Have you ever seen the fossil guys go at it? Wars are
best left within their own borders. Sorry Joe,I am particularly
grouchy,as I am having my first coffie.

                                 Mark Liccini


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I see your point.Wasn’t my intent.Lets hope it goes quietly by the