Ordering jewelry casting online

I am living in chicago and I looked for the company for jewelry
casting company near by my city. BUT I couldn’t find any and I sent
works to RI. It takes much time than I expected and I think it’s kind
of waste time.

Anyone can give me the name of jewelry casting company and number or
website address? I used to live in East coast and I really don’t know
much about this area. I usually cast jewelry by gold and sterling
silver, brass. I would like to know the casting company that deal
with every material.

thank you for your help

we are in Ottawa. If you are interested contact us at
goldcast.ca. You can check our website for more info.

hi, one of my casting customers is right in Chicago, Mike @ Finest
Casting 312-750-1110

good luck,
Ruth Ferrugio
Romanoff International Supply

Try Casting House right there in Chicago. They’ve done a good job
for me, and they’re super nice to work with.