Ordering from Myron Toback

Hi everyone,

I am having the darndest time ordering from Myron Toback and was
wondering if it is just me. I’ve been trying for over a week (since
last Thurs. actually) to get a quote on a variety of their
washers/blanks. I called… they told me to email. I emailed and
called - they told me to fax. I faxed and nothing. Is there a trick
to ordering with them? I ordered once a long time ago to similar
effect. I understand they are a small, family-owned business and I’d
love nothing more than to support that, but I had hoped to have some
product in my hand by now for new designs I’m waiting to complete. I
must admit that at this point if there were someone else I could get
them from I would rather, as I can’t wait weeks to get something when
I’m ready to order. Can anyone recommend any other sources for
different washers/blanks in sterling and gold (I have some from
Hoover and Strong that are nice, but I am looking for some more

Thanks for such a great list and for all of the help you guys offer!

Carrie Otterson

    Can anyone recommend any other sources for different
washers/blanks in sterling and gold 

Hi Carrie, Metalliferous (www.metalliferous.com) has a large variety
of sterling (no gold, sadly) washers & such, but be forewarned that
the inner circles of the washers aren’t precisely alligned with the
outer diameter of the circle, so if that matters you mightn’t want to
use them. I find the difference quite noticable when there is a lot
of material between the inner and outer diameters.

Hope this helps – and that someone else out there can provide more
sources too!

Best, Jessica in SF, finally harvesting her “early girl” tomatoes and
enjoying every last drippy drop.

Hi Carrie (and everyone). I ordered some sterling and rubber parts
from Myron Toback, and they told me “about” how much each one would
be on the phone. This was a relatively small order, so the exact
price was not a major concern. The pricing was “close” to estimated
when I received the bill. On the phone, they seemed like a "typical"
NY hustle bustle operation, and did not spend an inordinate amount
of time discussing anything. Perhaps, they would give you an
estimate on the phone if you tell them you are ready to order. Terry Bieger

Hi Carrie, I too have had a very hard time trying to get prices from
them!!! I am always told to fax them then it takes a week to get any
response!!! I didn’t give up and finally after three phone call a
wonderful woman gave me prices right on the phone like any normal
co. would do. Just about fell over. I would order from another co.
too but they carry odd sizes in the bezels and the washers you spoke
of. Does anyone else have a good source for uneven bezel sizes? Try
an early A.M phone call? Good luck !! Helen

I sympathize with all of you who have a tough time with Myron
Toback. Luckily, I live in New York City and have often waited in a
long “bakery” line, complete with tickets until it was my turn!

They are a major resource for almost every jewelry school and
jeweler in the city and September is a particularly tough month to
get service, in person or on the phone.

My in-person experience has been fabulous through the years. Once
you get to know everyone they treat you like royalty, are very
helpful and spend as much time with you as you need. I truly wish
everyone who’s been frustrated could have a “live” experience with
Myron Toback as they’re tops in my book.

Mail order, especially for findings and tools is a tricky business.
My experience with Rio Grande has been spotty through the years.
Firemountain on the other hand, is fabulous, great turn around and
I’ve never had to return a wrong item. They’re starting to offer
more and more in precious metals and publish a regular phonebook of
a catalog.

Metalliferous is another trip! It’s a crowded small space, chock a
block filled with everything and anything you could need except for
gold. In addition to traditional tools & findings they have row
after row of metal stampings in brass, copper and other base metals.
Their bead room is great and they too are a school resource and can
be bristly at times due to the high volume of business.

I’ve gone on long enough and hopefully you have a better
understanding of the challenges of Myron Toback and Metalliferous!!

Nina Leto