Order problems with Asian Beads

I am sorry to be posting this, but I feel obliged to warn my fellow
Orchidians, since I ran into problems with a company I originally
heard about on this forum.

I ordered several strands of beads from Asian Beads a few monthe
ago. Some of them were great, but one (fairly expensive) strand
arrived with several of the largest beads broken, and some
rhodocrosite beads were so pale they were hardly pink, quite unlike
the picture.

I returned these, but have been unable to get my money back. There
is a credit waiting for me to order more possibly defective beads,
but it does not include the shipping cost both ways that I paid in
the defective strands.

I was hoping thaty knowing that I would post the results of the
interaction to Orchid would convince Asian Beads to do the right
thing. My emails are not being returned. This has been an expensive
exercise. So be cautious about ordering from these folks.



I am SOOO sorry, more than anyone to hear this since it was I who
steered you to these (bleep)s. I ordered something from them too
shortly thereafter and when it arrived, was the wrong item. I finally
resorted to a Paypal Dispute to return the beads and receive a
refund. They gave a rather curt answer thru Paypal “well, then return
the beads for a refund”, no apology what-so-ever. When I returned the
beads, made sure it had a tracking number and required a signature at
delivery. To hell with trust at that point! They did refund $ in the
end but only because of the Paypal Dispute arm twisting. Maybe this
is still a viable route for you to take as well as opposed to the
credit that you’ll obviously be forever wary of using?

Looking thru their ebay feedback you can see the negatives
accumulating (I certainly left one for them) and for the same reason
almost every time. So am sure there are others out there who are
feeling the sting from the terrible customer relations with ASIAN

Again Noel, my sincerest apologies to you for pointing you in their
direction. :frowning: Carol