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Ref: photography Hi all, I am catching up on Orchid posts…The set
up I use is described at


at the beginning of the handout I wrote for some photography
workshops I taught. It was published in the Dec. 2000 SNAG News and
is available on-line on the web site for the Society of American
Silversmiths. The recommendation for the best digital camera is out
of date, but, otherwise, it is current. I have received thank-you
e-mails from folks who said they had begun getting into shows after
following my suggestions.

Now that I’ve begun typing, I’d like to add to the orchids for
Orchid and Rio. I was in Tucson during the gem show for the first
time this year, and feel so fortunate to have been able to hear
Hanuman’s speech in person, and to shake his hand, and to be among
fellow Orchidians. It is so uplifting and encouraging, in these
troubled times, to be part of Orchid–a community of so many people
involved who are giving and caring and trying to help others! I think
Orchid could be “a candle in the dark” for the world.

I am also impressed by Rio’s people-first attitude. Andrea Hill’s
speech was typical of her and all of Rio. From the top down,
everyone is people-oriented, friendly, down-to-earth, ready to help,
always solicitous. Being my first time teaching at the Catalog in
Motion, and one day demonstrating the Microfold Brake in the
showroom, I had no idea how things worked—I learned that it is
always done together as a team, with a smile. There was no sense of
hierarchy–respect was everywhere. It is a very special culture
within that company.

Enough typing. I need to get to work! Sitting cozily inside in
Massachusetts, recuperating from pneumonia, while a blizzard begins
outside… Cindy www.cynthiaeid.com

Dear Orchid, What a fantastic night, we had a blow out party and I
really enjoyed myself. Orchid is a fantastic organization and El
Parador is a wonderful venue. Thank you all so much for coming. I met
many new people and the night was a successfull event. I couldn’t ask
for more. Sam Patania, Tucson

Orchid Dinner Comments/2004

I thought it would be fun to start by sharing a posting I found from
seven years ago:

     Tucson Trekkers 

	Tuesday, January 21, 1997

	Hi Trekkers,

  The following is a list I have of those that indicated a
  desire to attend the 1st annual Orchid Tucson Trekkers dinner.
  Those names with a 'X' behind them have confirmed attendance. 

  The dinner will be held Friday January 31, 6:00 PM at
  'Lillies' resturaunt in the Downtown Holiday Inn. Ask for the
  Orchid group when you arrive. We have a private dinning room to
  the left as you enter the resturaunt. We have the room for the

  Friday night the special is a seafood buffet. The price is
  $16.99  + tax and 15% gratuity (about $21.00). The managment
  has asked that someone in the group collect the monies & pay
  the bill; please have the correct amount of cash available.
  Here's the list. X = confirmed. 

			Dave & Jan Arens x
			Elizabeth Bowlin x
			Susan Chenoweth x
			Joan & Steven   
			Candy Glaze x
			Hemi  Englisher
			David Horn & Guest x
			Richard Laspada
			James Marker
			Cindy Moore x

Gayle Morris x
Robert Ringold 

From 15 people to over 300 in six years. That’s an average of 82%
growth per year.

As I was looking through the archives last week, thinking back on
the various threads I’ve read over the years, I got a kick out of how
many subject lines include the word “HELP!” But whether it’s as
elementary as “Student with Questions,” as sophisticated as
"Platinum casting with new centrifugal machine," or as offbeat as
"Street Jewelry and Konichiwa," Orchidians are out here every day
sharing knowledge, compassion, technique, humor, a little kvetching
once in a while, and more knowledge.

We all know how unusual it is for jewelers to share technique. At
one point someone suggested to me that Orchidians share knowledge
because the internet makes it all seem so removed, and therefore
safe. I disagree. My experience of this community is much more
authentic than that. My experience is of acquaintances who have
taken time to become friends, and over the years have developed a
vested interest in one another’s’ well being.

People who study family dynamics will tell you that the measure of
the health of a family is how much talking is going on, and what that
talking is about. If the family is talking at all, it is likely to
be in a healthy place. If the family is talking about things that
lead to good decision making, creativity, and growth for each of its
members, then the family is among the strongest of families.

It’s a good time to be a part of a strong family. The past few
years have given us some difficult times, and during difficult times
it’s important to have people around you to bolster you up, help you
solve problems, and help you create more business. Looking ahead,
I’m betting on the next five years being a time of a positive
economy, full of opportunities for growth and creative ventures.
Being part of a strong family during good times is equally powerful.
Together we can build more business than we can do individually. The
collective creativity of this group astounds me. Every conversation
with a fellow Orchidian seems to turn into a brainstorming session.
Orchidians offer one another insight into areas that would benefit
from improvement. We bring one another new customers, and new
vendors, and new business partners.

So, what is Orchid? Well, it’s “guild-like” in that we all share
common trade and are interested in protecting our mutual interests,
“family-like” in that we share a common space - albeit a virtual one

  • on nearly a daily basis, and “friend-like” in that we have all
    chosen to extend to each other our trust. That’s Orchid to me. This
    evening, this party, is our mutual celebration of this
    guild/family/friend community that we have created together. So
    thank you. Thank you for being a part of my life, and for
    letting me be a part of your life.

Hello to all Orchidians, What a grand evening. Everyone was warm and
friendly. The Dinner was great. Hanuman is sincere and humble. He
truly loves all Orchidians.

Sam and Pat did a fantastic job in setting things up.

We all receive a great tote bag to carry all our purchases in. I
hope to see more of you next year. Lee Epperson

I’m very sad that I could not attend the Orchid dinner. I just
arrived in Tucson today. Gee…I wish there was a way to identify
fellow Orchidians at the shows. We should all wear Orchids or pins
or something .

Beth Alexander
Boulder Creek, CA

We should all wear Orchids or pins or something <SMILE>. 

Dear Beth - A lot of us do wear Orchid pins during the show. I’m
sorry you couldn’t attend the Dinner. It was a huge success and we
all had a lot of fun. Maybe next year for you? Best, Pat Kulla @