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Orchid's archive search tips

Hi Orchidians,

Thomas asked me that how I search the orchid archives. He seems to be
frustrated by the orchid archive search program (I’m also
frustrated). I told him my search method, and it helped him. He
adviced me that I should send it to this mailing list, so I’ll write.

The way I search is: Change “Number of files returned” from
10(default) to 150(max). Enter not so many keywords (many keyword
search matches only a few archives). Take notes of the dates and
subject names of some of the searched archives those seems to be
important by subjects. Leave the search page and go to the (archive)
Meta-Index page. Go to “Subject Index” page that matches the note just
written. In the “Subject Index” page the same subject archives are
gotten together. Read the first reply archive which name is the same
as the looking for. If the archive is not useful, click “Thread Next”
(this is important) above the search keyword input column and read the
next same subject archive. DON’T click “Message Next”, that results
the next (time-arranged) archive. Try this way until I find a useful

I hope this will be helpful for someone.

			Takashi Tomoeda