Orchidians in Silver City NM

Greetings & Salutations -

I plan on traveling to Silver City, NM, in early August. I understand
the local gem club has an annual show then. Are there any members on
Orchid? Anybody want to tell me what to expect of the weather? What’s
the best local stone to buy? If you live in the area or go to the
show, please let me know.

best regards,
Kelley Dragon

I don’t live there but have visited many times. August is the rainy
season so bring a rain coat or umbrella. the weather will be mild
temps in the 80-90 days and possibly as low as 40’s at night. Rainy
season usually means afternoon thunderstorms. Lots of things found
in southwest NM magnesite comes from the Gila also agate, amythest,
fluorite, copper minerals lots of different things I’m not sure how
many are cut into cabs however There is a rockshop in town that
could give you more info.

Dave Owen

I haven’t been there in many years, but I lived in the area long ago.
One thing that is barely off-topic, but is a sight to behold, is the
old Santa Rita copper mine - the El Chino mine, once. It’s about 15
miles from Silver city, east, in Hurley. It’s one of the oldest
copper mines in the world, and at one time it was the largest in the
world, and yes, it was strip-mined. Putting aside any “green” issues
for a time - it is the biggest blue/green hole in the ground you’ll
ever see. Quite a spectacle…


Hi Kelley

I live in Silver City and it is a wonderful place. Yes July and Aug
is the rainy season but it usually means a shower in the afternoon to
cool things down and quits in about 45 minutes. I usually attend the
gem show her and I can get more for you from the
president of the rock club who is a friend. Contact me offline and I
will be glad to give you more


Hi, all

Thanks for the answers to my question! Unfortunately, the pace of
civil engineering in Florida has slowed so much I got laid off last
week. The flip side is that paradise won’t get paved this year, so
that’s good.

Anyway, I’ll try to visit Silver City next year.

best regards,