Orchidians in Sheffield England?

Good Morning :slight_smile:

Just wondered if anyone on here is near Sheffield England. I’m
staying here at the moment to help take care of my dad - but am
missing my bench back home in the US terribly :slight_smile: So if anyone just
wants to talk jewelry or show off your bench and creations to me - or
even want some free help! I’d love to meet you.

Alternatively - can anyone point me in the right direction for taking
a class or two in jewelry - or any engravers in Sheffield who teach?


Im a student in Birmingham, but i guess that might be a bit too far
for you to come?

I study Horology (watchmaking) at the School of Jewellery, and i
take a night course on engraving on mondays.

Where abouts are you from then?

Hey Al!

I’m from Sheffield originally, but at the moment I live in New York.
I think I’ll be back and forth though for the forseeable future as my
dad is sick. Next time I’ll be packing a few tools :slight_smile:

I would like to make it down to Birmingham one day soon - I’d like to
check out the jewelry quarter and look into a few workshops if there
are any offered - to break up my time here a little.

Who are you taking the engraving class with? I enjoyed my first class
in that very much and would love to take another - but I need
workshops rather than weekly classes.