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Orchidians in San Miguel de Allende

My wife and I are going to be in San Miguel de Allende, MX for 8
nights beginning Jan 14th. Are there any Orchidians there?

Joel Schwalb


Cannot answer that, but have two friends/studio mates who both
studied jewelry making there. Seems the gent/instructor, and the
name Billy, comes to mind, is rather well known.

Have a wonderful time.

That is Billy King ( I have worked with him ) He was the teacher at
the institute for several years and had his own workshop. He has been
on his own for a while but still had his work shop and taught a few
years ago. Here is another one:

His 49 years at the institute are a little questionable – Unless he
is very very old. I know of two and worked with two other former
silver instructors there which accounts for at least the past 20
years. ???

I may have more on San Miguel in sent mail on another machine- maybe
i can find it.

The town keeps getting even more up scale–very gringo.