Orchidians in Raleigh, North Carolina

Hi there; I am a regular lurker on ganoksin, and an enamelist and
silver worker. I have just moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, and I
am looking to connect to the jewelry community here. I would also be
interested in part time shop work (sales, not metal, as my skills are
more hobbist than Professional). I have a web site, woodsholme.com
with examples of my work or you could email me directly if you can
link me in to the local network.

Thanks for your help in advance!
Louise Pass

You can start with the NC Society of Goldsmiths,

All interested persons welcome (I even come up from SC!).

There are also active rock and mineral clubs in the Raleigh area -
check out Redirect to the new SFMS website

Then you can navigate to the Raleigh area clubs.

Also, the city of Raleigh does jewelry workshops at their Pullen
Park facility that I am told are very good. Plus NC State has
apparently just redone their craft area, and is getting ready to
reopen that.

Lots of folks in the Raleigh area - enjoy!

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio


Louise, I am also new to the triangleā€¦living in Durhamā€¦and like
you, want to get iinvolved with silversmithers in the area. I
attended a pot-luck in Pittsboro and found lots of kindered spirits.
I signed up for lessons with a woman named Monnda. I have also heard
good things about the NC State metalsmithing, which would be close
for you. I may try to line something up there later in the summer. If
you would like to contact me, my number is (919) 490-1897.

Good luck, Marion