Orchidians in JCK Las Vegas?

Who will be in Las Vegas for JCK? I’m thinking of picking a night
for a few of us to get together at the Hard rock for drinks. I have
a VIP pass.

Daniel Ballard

Daniel, I will be there until Monday night.

James McMurray

I will be in Vegas. JCK is iffy, though. Need to already have the
suppliers I won’t meet until I get in. Sort of a catch-22.
Suggestions welcome. Keep me posted on the get-together…


I’ll be in Vegas to at the mirage. I’ll be going to agta show and not


To any orchid members at the JCK show, stop by the Krisgems (fellow
orchidians) booth in the Venetian Ballroom and say hello!..they
have an amazing collection of natural star sapphires and other
one-of-a-kind stones. I would like to find other Orchids…Are
there any members in the Design Center at the show?

Beth Thompson
Cimmaran Designs