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Orchidians in Jamaica

Going to visit a student/client in Jamaica next month. He needs me
to upgrade and improve his setting skills and I’ll be there for a
full week!

I’m still going to be writing letters on different setting
techniques! If the need is out there for me to teach, then this is my


Dear All!

I will be teaching my student in Jamaica next week. I will show him
how to ‘bead-set’, but without raising any form of beads. All of them
will be formed while in the ‘Rough-Cut, and Bright-Cut stages’.

No more need of raising beads as we learned so many decades ago.

Still the most important manoeuvre is to explain the
"Bright-Cutting". This is the finishing touch on any form of diamond
setting! I will also show him how to create claws out of a 3 mm. bar
of silver. Using only bud burs and a saw blade (#4/0).

We met here on “Orchid” last month, and now we are working together
on a ‘5-day, learning session’. My tray of demonstration pieces shows
how all these setting techniques actually look when they are

To say he is eager of my arrival to teach, is an understatement!

If anyone wishes to have one of these session, I am available!

…Gerry Lewy!