Orchidians in Iceland?

Hi, are there any Orchidians in Iceland?

My husband and I will be renting an apartment in Reykjavik August
17-24, and doing day trips in the area. I’d love to meet a local
jeweler or silversmith. Any recommendations on jewelry/silversmithing
schools, shops or sights that I should see would be appreciated!

Cynthia Eid

Cynthia, I am not in Iceland, but I just have to say how jealous I am
that you will be. It is a place I have always wanted to go to, though
I can not tell you why. I wonder if Alchimea can tell you if they
have ever had a student from Iceland. For some reason I think I have
stumbled across one on the net some time or another. One day I hope I
can take a class from you, when it is not using the press.

Roxy Lentz