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Orchidians Helping Orchidians

Hello all,

I know times are tough for many of us. Some are having it a lot
rougher then others and can still give emotional support to others.
I’m looking for ways to help our family on this list who are in dire
need. Perhaps we as orchidians can all donate some dollars to go in
a fund to help others in this community.

Like the reality shows that help deserving people.

This stems from my reading of Susannah Garcia’s letters. This young
women is having a very hard time, from pneumonia and no funds to buy
medication to hungry children and drive by shootings. And then she
writes to the poor guy with the nutcase customer and gives emotional
support that is hard to give when your life is in a state that is so
dire. I am impressed with her spirit of giving. I wish I had the
resources to help her financially. I felt if we all would forgo one
thing today and send her the money we would have spent on it she
might be able to have a good meal or even find a safer home.

Any thoughts or ideas here?

So skip that latte and give that money to someone that needs the

Trying to pay it forward,
Candy In Oregon

I completely support sharing, giving, helping, consoling and pouring
out compassion.

I believe though, that there needs to be a committee in place to
administer such a venture, Hanuman is far far away, perhaps someone
who has some time on their hand can step forward or better yet, where
ever we live if a needy jeweler is out our way, we can look in on
them and maybe collectively help.

This is a good topic to talk about but action is expensive. $$$$$ of
dollars are collected and donated to so many charities, but I really
do believe that it would be so great to contribute also to our own.

It takes a lot of guts to tell someone you are hurting, especially
the ego of the jeweler, and this is no pun intended, it is meant

So Orchids contribute here, with ideas or cash and a plan.

I am in Sacramento, seriously in a major forclosure situation and
many jewelry stores are closing their doors. So the independent
artist, hmmmmm. I hope they write or call me, I will find something.

Dee Rouse Huth, California Institute of Jewelry Training.

I thought it might be helpful to mention there are programs in the
US that could help Orchid members (or relatives or friends) here who
cannot afford the cost of their medication.

PPRX dot ORG offers an online screening tool to identify programs
that may offer help with a particular drug, and if there is one
available, they streamline the application process. In some cases,
the medication is provided by the manufacturer at little or no cost.
I personally used the service before my Social Security went through,
and it was a godsend.

Carol J. Bova

Hi all,

How About Orchidians buying from other orchidians ? This will help a
lot of Orchidians who are suppliers during these tough times.

Ahmed Shareek

There is also a professional “relief” organization that specializes
in this area: CERF - Craft Emergency Relief Fund

They have been around for quite a while and have a good reputation.
Perhaps what’s needed here is to increase all of OUR awareness of
their work and to promote donations to them. Additionally, any of us
who are in financial trouble might contact them to find out how they
can help.

One of the things I and several of my fellow artists do is donate a
percentage of our sales from certain shows to CERF. That might be an
avenue to consider, as well.

Hope this helps!

Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs
Hand-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry