Orchidians at Jeweler's Bench Conference


I was wondering if some Orchidians will be making the trek to Atlanta
to the Jeweler’s Bench Conference in April? It might be an
opportunity to put faces with names. Some of haven’t been able to
attend the other Orchid dinners and get togethers. But, the
shackles and chains will come off for a few days. Looks like a lot
of fun and learning.

James S. Cantrell CMBJ

hey everybody, yes , i will be attending the bench conference!
missed last year,bummer…looking forward to meeting my idols of
the biz…lol…i have 25yrs experience on the bench and have never
stopped learning something new everyday…

lisa fedor

Hello James,

Vic Davis here, and I will be an exhibitor at the conference. I am
a recruiter in the jewelry industry, and hope to meet a lot of great
Orchidians in attendance. Should be a great, fun time. I have
spoken to many who attended last year in Chicago and really enjoyed
themselves. Let’s hope this year in Atlanta is even better. I’m
also eager to put a face with a name and a voice.

See you in Atlanta,
Vic Davis