Orchidian Joan Dulla

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to get this out to anyone who knows and loves
Joan Dulla. She has been diagnosed with Early Onset Alzeimers
recently. In the past few years, she has had several operations,
between hip replacements, knee replacements, and a heart attack.
This diagnosis (as any one of us could only imagine) has now affected
her short term memory, and as a result, she cannot drive a car or use
her torch. She is truly in mourning.

Joan is very depressed and feeling very alone. She and her husband
moved to Wickenberg, AZ over a year ago, and this has also greatly
affected her feeling of isolation in reaching out to friends. I
spent a few days with her and her husband last week, and it is with
her permission I write this.

If you ever met or if you know Joan, it would be wonderful if you
could contact her and just say “hi”. If Joan has ever been on your
path, you know what a truly sweet woman she is - not to mention her
“out of the box” creativity and works. She has been a source of
inspiration to me in countless ways. We were instant friends when I
met her almost 20 years ago. I am privileged and humbled to be a
part of her life.

I’m sure any contact you have with her would make a big difference
in lifting her spirits. If you would like to contact Joan, her

Her email is joan963 AT cox . net
website: http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep80lw

Cynthia, what a fine thing you are doing, reaching out on behalf of
someone going through a tough time. You are a wonderful friend. This
is just one of the things I love about Orchid…

Thanks for letting us know, Cynthia. I sent a short message.