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For the last 10 years we have operated Ganoksin and Orchid under the
quiet terms of a contributionware site. It continues to be our goal
to raise the quality of material available on The Ganoksin website
and to remain an independent site that serves the community.

It has been by the generosity of our members we have not only been
able to do that, but have become known net wide as an authoritative
source on Gem and Jewelry matters.

As with any top site that achieves the success on the order that we
have, expenses also grow. Dozens of gigabytes of bandwidth per day,
multiple servers, legal and business expenses have all grown
dramatically in the last year to account for our (just plain)
awesome growth.

Ganoksin is run by a group of people who believe in and love what
they’re doing. If you enjoy our efforts, then please feel free to
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