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(orchid) Torch

When you say there is a difference in design, what exactly do
you mean??? The handle on the Presto-lite is a long oval shape,
there is a flame ajustment knob at the end which is attached to
the hose which goes to the tank, the tip is a gooseneck shape.
There is a single dial regulator which attaches to the tank . . .
it shows F (full) and quarter and eighth increments down to E
(empty). How does the Smith differ???  Is it easier to control???
 Where can one find such a torch (other than getting lucky and
finding it second hand . . .)

What you described is true for the Smith torch. The tips look
the same but they will not interchange. The handle on the Smith
torch does not have the oval handle. It is a corrugated metal
tube much like a oxygen/actelene handle. The big difference in
the torch in the percission of the tips. Depending on the tip
used the flame can go from 1/8th in. to 3 in. The gauge is also
better made. Rio grande carries this torch. Look on page 187.
Price $115.00. They also carry the air/propane version of the
same torch. Most gas supply houses do not carry this type of
torch in stock but will order one for you.

I have never used the Smith torch so I can not really compare.
One thing that I like about the Prest-Lite is that the flame is
somewhat adjustable without changing tips.