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Not a new idea. Once again, Hanuman and Charles are already in the
forefront... The idea, started a number of years ago, is the
"Orchid in print" planned book series. 

Hi Peter, et al. Over the years, I set up a folder on my computer
(called it simply Jewelry) and into that I routinely funneled any of
the “suggestions” as they came in about soldering, forming, polishing
etc. Since I was only using it for my own self, I condensed the
entries and usually eliminated the authors. And from time to time
would eliminate duplicate responses keeping the one that was most
clear. Finally, the file got too big and cumbersome, and I quit
adding to it - But I did print off what I had collected and it was a
great working “tome” for me. When I was concerned about a soldering
operation, I simply went to my “chapter” on soldering and read
through (one after the other) all the suggestions about soldering and
usually found what I needed. However, this was simply a very
rudimentary compilation of tidbits taken from the postings, minus
credit to the author - it was just a working journal for me.

I think this would be the ideal thing to be done. I’m not sure we
need a book about any particular topic, rather we need a “dictionary”
sort of manual where you could simply look up “Patina” and read all
the contributions about patina, choosing any or all of them that
pertained to what you were doing.

There are ultimately enough good textbooks out there with valuable
but they are lacking in the little personal tidbits that
we find most helpful on Orchid.

So I would opt NOT FOR A BOOK but for a MANUAL, a COLLECTION of the
various postings.

This would be easier to work with than going to the Archives because
all too often the subject “drift” in Orchid and finding things in the
Archives becomes a major time consuming chore. But if things were
grouped by actually what was discussed, then it would be easier to
find. Rather than dates, all of the posting dealing with patination
would be together (regardless of the original subject of the

This should be fairly simple to compile - but it would be time
consuming because duplication would have to be omitted and any with
outright wrong info would have to be eliminated, but I think if you
simply dropped things in categories (Soldering, Patinating etc.) and
then organized the entries (whether you want to list the contributor
is a question - some people wouldn’t want their names put in - it
should go fairly quickly. Call it “Working notes” or whatever -
doesn’t need to be fancy - a simple ring binder sort of thing.

Just my 2 cents worth - and may be worth less than that. I just know
how valuable my notes are for me. Amazing the things I find when I
look up something - stuff I had forgotten about. I’m going to set up
a 3x5 card index file with the info I want - again filed by
categories. And again, it will be simply the Orchid contributions,
minus names and condensed to just the nitty gritty.


Hello Orchid land,

After receiving the Orchid forum for a year or so, I also began
keeping a folder of tips and ideas. Back then, the Orchid Archives
were not as friendly to search as they are now. My gleanings have
been wonderful and when a question arises, I can refer to my

Topics range from recommendations on suppliers to soldering tips.
I’d be glad to share, but the things I chose to save are probably
different from someone else’s choices.

New Orchidians, if you can copy and paste, you can generate your
personal treasure trove of helpful info from Orchid postings. Start

Judy in Kansas, where the ice storm put us out of power all day
yesterday. Thank goodness for our gas logs and grill! I’m even more
thankful for the hard-working power company crews who restored our

After receiving the Orchid forum for a year or so, I also began
keeping a folder of tips and ideas. 

I have many folders as part of my Yahoo email, and save emails into
labeled folders so I can find them-- “buying stones” “bench tips”
“techniques” etc.

I also have learned to only save the very most relevant and search
everything else in the archives.