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Orchid T-Shirt

Hi, Hmmm…perhaps one solution would be an official Orchid T-Shirt?
Could make some money to help support the site and help everyone
recognize each other at the shows, etc. Just a thought… Catching up
on posts, been away too long.

(new web in progress)
“Listen to the Universe and Dance to the Rhythm of it.” SES

When I go to shows I cant be wearing a t-shirt! Anyway, rather than
all this official stuff, why dont the Orchid people who wish to be
known as such, make themselves their own Orchid pin. You know, as a
way of showing your skill and interests. I dont wear mass produced
jewellery, and dont think it is a good representation of what Orchid
is. karen in rainy vancouver

Karen (in Vancouver),

I agree… I’ve kinda gotten away from “T” shirts - though I’m
sitting here in front of the computer in a Frei-Borel one at the
moment - it is Sunday, the school and the shop are closed, and I just
got done mopping the floors… (Ain’t it great, working for
yourself?) I’d wear the shirt “off duty”, like now - Tucson in
February can be chilly. I’ve seen snow on the cactus more’n once…

Why not have the “badges/pins” conform to some standard dimensions or
specifications, and turn everybody who is interested in wearing one

Enamelists, Engravers, Silversmiths, Goldsmiths, Platinumsmiths (that
one won’t be cheap!), Stone Cutters, Casters…

And don’t forget CAD/CAM, Granulation, Etching, Mokume-Gane, those
who work in titanium/niobium, and a dozen other techniques that could
be used.

Just had a vision of what one of the body piercers from the past
thread might do with theirs… Ouch! Wearing it pinned to your

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School

Worse yet a nipple pin…ewwwwwwwwwwwwww… I feel there should be a
standard we all recognise…pehaps there can be a
motife agreed upon and everybody go for it from there?.."ringman"
John Henry