Orchid Studio Outfit Raffle aftermath

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The raffle winnings are arriving and it’s like a prolonged birthday
celebration. I’m reading the books and AJM and getting so much
inspiration I’m about to burst … it’s so exciting. The funniest
thing so far was that I had forgotten that ‘jewelry’ is ‘schmuck’ in
German. The tools and supplies are also arriving and I have to
rearrange my small shop to accommodate the new toys. I’m building a
new house that will have a huge workspace where each item can have
its own dedicated space.

Thank you to everyone for being so supportive during this difficult
time for me and a special thank you to all the wonderful suppliers
and Orchidians that donated their wares. I am forever grateful.


Orchid Please continue to purchase supplies, books and services from
those who believe in the magic of Orchid and Ganoksin.

3M worldwide
46 Jewelry Supply Inc
Bonny Doon Engineering, Inc.
Brain Press Publications
Catalogue in Motion
Charon Kransen Arts
Discount Digital Art
Racecar Jewelry
Rio Grande


Thank you for the update. I hope you will continue to share your new
experiences with all the new equipment and toys so that we may live
vicariously through you.

James in SoFl